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Story Of Origin Of Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is one of the sacred lakes in India associated with Hinduism. Story of the origin of Pushkar Lake is associated with a lotus falling from the hand of Brahma.

Pushkar Lake
Legend has it that once Brahma Dev was contemplating about performing a special yajna on earth for the welfare of the living beings. He could not decide on the holy spot to perform the yajna.

When Brahma was in deep thought, the lotus flower in his hand fell on earth. He decided to have the yajna performed where the lotus fell. As the flower touched the earth, water gushed out and formed a lake. Brahma named the lake Pushkar after the lotus.

The famous Pushkar fair is held annually in the Kartik month on the banks of Pushkar Lake. Taking holy dip in the lake on Kartik Purnima is considered highly auspicious.

The story of the origin of Pushkar Lake is mentioned in the Padma Purana.