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Story of Origin of Chitragupta in Hinduism

Chitragupta is believed to be the keeper of the account books containing the good and bad deeds performed by human beings on earth. Yamraj decides whether a person should go to heaven or hell consulting the book prepared by Chitragupta. There are two interesting story regarding the origin of Chitragupta.

One story states that Goddess Parvati one day asked Brahma to create a person who will keep an account of the activities of living beings. It is said that Braham then drew the picture of Chitragupta on a wood and then gave life to it. This story is more popular in South India. Here he is depicted with a nail (narayam) and palm leaf. The nail is used to write on palm leaf.

Another story which is popular in North India, Chitragupta was born from the body of Lord Brahma. He is always depicted as carrying a pen and inkpot. Since he was born from the body of Lord Brahma, he was known as Kayastha and in earth he was known as Chitragupta.