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Story of Kapal Mochan

Kapal Mochan, a holy place in Hindu religion, is located at Yamunanagar District in Haryana and taking a holy dip in the pond here is considered highly meritorious. It is believed that the water in the tank is filled by the Saraswati River. The story of Kapal Mochan is very interesting as it explains the holiness of the place and also how the place got the name.

Bhagvan Sri Ram during his exile period annihilated numerous demons in the Dandaka forest. The arrows used by Sri Ram were so powerful that it took the demons to different corners of the earth. Some of the demons could not tolerate the intense heat produced by the arrows and what remained then were mere skeletons of demons.

On such skull of a fierce demon flew to a far of place and fell on the foot of Sage Mahodara. The skull got stuck on the foot of the stage and he could not remove it.

Sage Mahodara then visited numerous holy places with the skull attached to his foot. Finally he arrived at Ausanas Tirtha. It was located on the banks of Saraswati River. Brahma, Devas and holy saints meditated here.

As soon as Sage Mahodra put his foot in the holy pond at Ausanas Tirth, the skull came off and the wound created by it on the sage’s foot was also healed magically.

From then onwards the place is known as Kapal Mochan.