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Story of Goddess Gayatri Appearing From Cow

A legend found in the Puranas suggests that Goddess Gayatri appeared from the body of a cow. Legend has it that Brahma wanted to perform a Vedic Yajna but he was unable to perform it as he had no wife. A yajna could only be conducted along with the wife.

Brahma went to Goddess Saraswati and asked Her to be his wife and sit by him during the yajna.

Goddess Saraswati agreed to take the form of Goddess Savitri and be Brahma’s divine consort.

Goddess Saraswati went away to purify herself.

Brahma started preparation for the yajna.

But long after the completion of the preparation, Goddess Saraswati did not return.

Brahma lost his patience and looked out for another woman.

He found a milkmaid walking at a distance. Brahma passed her through the body of a cow and from the cow appeared Goddess Gayatri.

Goddess Saraswati soon appeared on the yajna scene as Savitri and was furious to see another woman sitting by the side of Brahma.

Savitri became furious and turned into a river and destroyed the yajna altar.

Later Savitri realized that she was late for the yajna. She calmed down and merged with Gayatri and helped Brahma in completing the yajna.

The story symbolically explains that Goddess Savitri and Gayatri are manifestation of Goddess Saraswati and are associated with Brahma, the creator.