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Sri Krishna Bisa Kavach and Yantra – Benefits

Sri Krishna Bisa Kavach is worn by people for attaining material prosperity, peace, and fulfillment of desires. Srikrishna Bisa Yantra is kept at home and is worshipped for wealth and happiness.

The Kavach as per astrologers is made during shubh muhurat (rare auspicious time period in a year). Mantras for auspiciousness are chanted and the Pran Pratishta is performed by priests.

Benefits of Sri Krishna Bisa Yantra

Sri Krishna Bisa Yantra helps a person to improve his personality, it helps in building self confidence and provides with wisdom to deal with tricky situations. The belief is that one will be able to develop a character similar to that of Sri Krishna, who was able to overcome all challenges.

Srikrishna Bisa Yantra is kept in puja room and is worshiped morning and evening. Before going out of home for important assignments one should take the blessing of the Yantra.

The kavach should be tied on thread around the neck and it should be worn always.