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Nappinnai – Consort of Sri Krishna

Nappinnai is a consort of Sri Krishna and she is also believed to be an incarnation Nila Devi. Nappinnai – Krishna cult is mainly limited to the Tamil speaking world.

The most popular legend is that Sri Krishna defeated seven bulls to marry Nappinnai. Subduing bulls is now known as Jallikattu and is still in vogue in villages and towns in Tamil Nadu.

The name Nappinnai is found in Tiruppavai and Silappadikaram.

Pinnai means younger sister. The belief is that she must have been a younger sister of some important clan member. Another explanation is that pinnai here means she comes after Lakshmi and Bhu Devi and is the third consort of Vishnu.

It must be noted that Nappinnai is not an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi or Bhu Devi.

As per some scholars, Nappinnai is the consort of Lord Krishna Avatar of Vishnu and this view is spread by the Azhwars.

In the poems of Azhwars, Nappinnai is present during the childhood of Sri Krishna with him.