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Krtya in Hinduism - Associated With Black Magic And Witchcraft

Krtya is associated with black magic and witchcraft in Hinduism. Krtya is also personified as a female evil supernatural being. There are two faces of Krtya in Hindu religious literature. In Vedic literature she has benign features. In post vedic literature she is fierce and more evil in character.

Krtya is usually invoked to harm an enemy or to protect oneself from others.

Atharva Veda mentions that she is invoked to kill enemies their cattle, horses etc.

Krtya is usually asked by the one invoked to not to harm innocent living beings.

Atharva Veda gives details regarding the places and how Krtya is invoked.

Krtya can be invoked by anyone. But sometimes she might turn against the one who invoked her. This is due to wrong performance of the rituals or Krtya comes under the control of enemies.

She was widely invoked during wars by kings to wreak havoc in enemy camps. Sometimes she is used to create confusion among enemy ranks.

It must be noted the entire practice of witchcraft and black magic is also sometimes referred as Krtya.