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Importance of Turmeric in Hindu Pujas and Rituals - Haldi or Manjal in Hindu Religious Worship

Turmeric, popularly known as Haldi or Manjal, is an important puja item in most Hindu ceremonies. The color of turmeric is yellow and it is believed to have a cooling effect on the brain. It is also believed to help in regularizing the brain wave.

Turmeric has healing properties and is widely used in bathing in rituals by many Hindu communities. Large amount of turmeric powder is sprinkled on the idols of Nagas or Snakes in South India.

Haldi Kumkum is an important ceremony with many Hindu communities in western parts of India.

There is a belief that Turmeric should not be offered to Shiva. This is purely regional as there are many regions in which Shiva is offered Turmeric.