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How Many Incense Sticks To Be Burned – Number of Agarbatti To Be Lighted During Puja In Front of God in Hinduism?

Is there in any rule regarding the number of incense sticks to be burned in front of god during puja in Hinduism? The number of agarbatti lit depends upon the devotee. But there are some standard rules regarding incense sticks and agarbatti numbers.

General rule is to light a single naturally made agarbatti or incense sticks while doing puja at home. If you are not sure about the number and deity worshipped then it is always safe to light a single agarbatti.

Incense and agarbatti should be made of natural materials. All puja items in Hinduism were made of natural materials and there used to be no question of pollution.

The agarbatti used earlier had medicinal property and it is used purify the air in the house.

The agarbatti available today in market does the reverse job it pollutes the air in the house and it can cause itchy eyes, allergy and other breathing problems.

Number of Agarbatti To Be Lighted

  • For Shiva, you should avoid agarbatti made of tulsi, and all those flowers that are not offered to him. Some people light three agarbattis for Shiva.
  • For Vishnu, it is one agarbatti.
  • For Lakshmi it is one agarbatti or incense.
  • For Ganesha it is five.
  • For Mother Goddess Durga it is five.
  • For Muruga or Kartikeya it is six.
  • For Kala Bhairava it is eight.
  • For Goddess Kali also it is eight.
  • For Ayyappa it is three.
  • For family deity or Kula Devata it is eight.
  • All tantric and ferocious forms should be offered eight or more incense or agarbattis.