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Diwali Gharonda – Miniature House Made by Girls during Diwali

The word Gharonda (घरौंदा) is associated with the word Ghar or house. It is the miniature house that is prepared by girls and unmarried women during Diwali. It is like a dollhouse with rangoli in front and all other essential items needed for a house.

Why is Gharonda made during Diwali?

The belief is that if Gharonda is made then there will be peace and prosperity in the house. It will also help girls when they get married. There will be prosperity in their husbands home.

When is it made?

In some regions, the preparation begins on the first day of the Kartik month – 15 days before Diwali. Today it is limited to just Diwali day as readymade Gharonda are available in the market.


  • It is said that Ayodhya became a proper city and houses prospered only after the arrival of Bhagavan Sri Ram from exile.
  • In memory of this event, people started making miniature houses to display prosperity.

How the gharonda houses are prepared and what are kept?

  • Some people make house using clay, sticks, bamboo, wood and small bricks.
  • Some prepare it using cardboard, thermocol and other light materials.
  • Today, various types of miniature houses are available in the market during the Diwali period.
  • The houses are beautifully decked up using paint, rangoli, and props of essential items in a house. Small pots are filled with grains, confectionery, sweets, dry fruits and other essential food items.
  • Miniature domestic animals and plants are also part of decoration
  • It is believed that when the girls get married in their new home there will be never shortage of food items.
  • The food items are shared with brothers on the next day of Diwali.