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Avvaiyar Quotes - A Collection of Teachings of Avvaiyar

Avvaiyar – the Tamil saint-poetess  lived thousands of years ago, propagating virtues, morality and spirituality through simple poems. This is a collection of important teachings and quotes of Avvaiyar. 

When you offer water at the foot of a coconut tree, it takes some time but eventually, at the head of the tree, you will get the coconut. Virtue of patience. 

What we know is the size of a handful of sand while what we don’t know is the size of the entire earth itself...

Be desirous of doing virtue.

It is the nature of anger to temper in time.

Never stop learning

Don't prevent charity (Always be charitable).

Avoid words that could hurt (Don’t boast of your possessions).

Don't give up perseverance.

Don't despise learning.

Acceptance (begging alms) is despicable.

Eat after donating (to the needy).

Act virtuously.

Don't give up reading.

Don't carry tales.

A good deed will pay back, as the coconut tree that gives the benefit holding on its head, for the water you pour in its feet.

Big is the frond of the palm but scentless; sweet scented is the tiny magizham flower. Judge not men therefore from size merely. The vast ocean has water not fit for a bath; the tiny spring by its side has good drinking water.

Thought it is really rice that sprouts out of the husk, yet if the husk be gone paddy will not grow; likewise even unto men of great energy, nothing will be possible except with suitable instruments.

Harsh words do not conquer soft ones; the arrow that strikes down elephants harms not a piece of cotton; the rock that is not split with the long iron crowbar, splits when the roots of a tender shrub enter it.

However virtuous one may be, the low always speak of one’s faults; even as in a fruitful garden, full of flowers and haunted by the bees, the crow seeks only the margossa fruit.

Youth is a bubble on water; abundant riches are the long rolling waves of the ocean, and the body lasts no longer than letters traced on water. Why then, my friends, do you not worship the Lord?

The gem that adorns an assembly is a man of learning.

The very noble are as the lofty palmyra tree in giving. They take very little and give much.