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What does Ashutosh mean? - How Lord Shiva Got The Name Ashutosh?

Ashutosh (Ashutosh) is one among the 108 names of Lord Shiva. Ashutosh means one who fulfills the wishes of devotees without delay. It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased with even the simplest of offering given with complete adulation.

Legend has it that once Indra, the king of Devas, drunk in pride, flew high, and reached Kailash. Here he happened to see Shiva who was meditating. Indra showed no respect to Shiva as he was under the influence of alcohol. He arrogantly asked Shiva to move out of his way.

 How Shiva God the Name Ashutosh?

Shiva who was meditating ignored Indra.

An angry Indra, struck on Shiva’s with his weapon Vajra (thunderbolt). A deadly fire emanated from the head of Shiva and it rushed toward Indra with great intensity.

Indra realized his mistake and apologized to Shiva.

Shiva is Ashutosh he who is easy to please and he pardoned the king of Devas by directing the fire to the ocean.

The name Ashutosh became popular after this divine incident.

Lord Shiva is often depicted in the scriptures as the protector. Anyone who comes and prays to him gets his desires fulfilled. Shiva is Ashutosh to his devotees, one who is pleased and satisfied very easily and with very little. He drank the halahala poison that threatened the entire universe because he is Ashutosh.

He is known as Ashutosh also because he needs no elaborate rituals. He can be easily pleased. A single drop of water offered devotionally is enough to please Mahadev.