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Symbolism in Saffron Clothes or Robes Worn by Hindu Saints

Hindu saints generally wear saffron colored clothes. Today saffron color is associated with holy men of other religions too. White is another preferred color by Hindu saints. The choice of saffron robes by Hindu saints has a deep symbolism associated with it.

The significance of the saffron color (bhagwa) has its origin in the Vedic age and then it was associated with Agni (fire).

Saffron symbolically represents Agni or fire. Agni is light. A saint ushers in the light of knowledge and leads a person from darkness into light.

Another quality of Agni is that it accepts anything and transforms it. A saint similarly accepts everything and purifies and absorbs it. The saint leaves out all that is bad and gives out pure knowledge.

A Saint also has the capacity like Agni to accept whatever is offered. No questions are asked. Just like fire which takes up everything.

It is also a symbol of serenity and calmness.