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Story Of Demon Madhu – The City Of Mathura Is Named After The Demon

The city of Mathura associated with Sri Krishna is named after demon Madhu. The story of demon Madhu is mentioned in the Uttara Khanda of the Ramayana. He lived during the Kritya Yuga and was renowned for his Dharma. This righteous Daitya was the son of Lola and was an ardent devotee of Shiva.

Madhu had a very good relationship with Devas – the celestial beings. He also respected Saints and ruled his kingdom following Dharma. All the subjects in his kingdom lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

His intense austerity and piety earned him the favor of Shiva. Mahadev Shiva blessed Madhu with a trident. The powerful trident could reduce all of whom that tried to harm Madhu.

The city of Mathura was founded by this demon Madhu.

But Madhu had an Adharmic son named Lavana. After the death of Madhu, the trident was passed on to his wicked son. He started harassing Devas, saints and other living beings with it.

Saints appealed to Bhagvan Sri Ram to find a solution.

Shatrughna, brother of Sri Ram, on the advice of Rama killed Lavana and became the ruler of Mathura.