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Shree Maa Quotes and Teachings

Experience truth for yourself and don’t rely only upon the experiences of others. Truth has only one reference for verification – personal experience.

The ignorant is like a person who is sitting beside a mountain of gold, yet still remains a beggar. When a person has met their guru, and with an open heart allows the guru to show how to see, that person discovers the wealth that is with them, that person is known as wise.

Shree Maa
(Source: Shree Maa - The Life of a Saint)

Words of wisdom – Unknown Hindu Saint

There are numerous Hindu saints who remain unknown or never appears in public. But such people share their wisdom with other saints and true seekers. Here are few such experiences of Shree Maa with unknown saints.

What is the value of a name? It is only an external recognition. We must remember the inner qualities of the people we meet. Even seeing people who dedicate their lives to cultivating divinity is a benefit. You don’t need to recall their names.

Just as when a person sits in the sun and is warmth penetrates all throughout the body, just so, in the presence of an illuminated soul, the inner light of spiritual knowledge travels all throughout the inner being. Without speaking many words, these people share profound truths. Keep the doors and windows of your mind open and listen to their words of wisdom and humility.

Unknown Hindu Saint
Source: Shree Maa – The life of a Saint by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Shree Maaa on Guru

A true guru is always thinking for the welfare of others, whereas a false teacher is always thinking for his or her own personal gain or even of destroying others. A true teacher does good even to those who do him or her harm. Just like the sandalwood tree: if anyone cuts into the tree, even still, the tree gives forth its beautiful fragrance. The saintly being is always engaged in striving for the upliftment and welfare of everyone. An unsaintly being is known by the capacity to do harm to others and do harm even to himself in the process.
Shree Maa