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Karaka – Meaning in Hindu Astrology

Karaka is a term using in Hindu astrology. One of the meanings of the term is promoter or indicator. Karaka meaning active or effective cause, is a special feature of Hindu astrology and is an indicator of certain aspects of human life.

Importance of Karaka in Hindu Astrology

Karaka plays an important role in astrological predictions.

Each planet of a kundali or horoscope is supposed to be a karaka of some aspect of life.

The functions of a karaka planet are similar to the role of bhava or house of a kundali.

Karaka in Brahatparasara Horastram

According to Brahatparasara Horastram, the karaka role of the planets is fixed irrespective of their placement in the horoscope.
This is as follows:
  • Sun for father
  • Moon for mother
  • Mars for brothers and sisters
  • Mercury for education and profession
  • Jupiter for children
  • Venus for spouse
  • Saturn for longevity
  • Rahu for paternal relatives
  • Ketu for maternal relatives

Karaka in Jaimini System of Astrology

Karaka assignment is different in the Jaimini system of astrology.

There are seven main karakas in this system, namely
  1. Atmakaraka
  2. Amatyakaraka
  3. Bhratrkaraka
  4. Matrkaraka
  5. Putrakaraka
  6. Jnatikaraka
  7. Darakaraka
Any planet can acquire any of these roles.

It is decided by their progression measured in longitudes, devoid of the signs.

First, the longitudes of all planets are converted into signs, degrees, minutes and seconds.

The planet having the greatest degree becomes the atmakaraka. Being the prime indicator of the strength of a horoscope, it is the most important of all the karakas.

The planet which has the next greatest degree becomes the amatyakaraka.

Following this procedure, the remaining karakas are assigned their places.

These karakas pertain to the self, minister, brothers and sisters, mother, children, cousins, and spouse respectively.

The order is exactly similar to that of the first seven houses in the horoscope, except that the second house represents finance rather than amatya.