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Forms of Worship in Hindu Religion - Different Types of Worship in Hinduism Other Than Pujas

Apart from performing daily pujas and worship at home. There are other forms of worship in Hindu religion.

Sravanam: Sravana or listening is an important form of worship in Hindu religion. This includes listening to prayers, mantras, prayers, nama japa, listening to stories from scriptures, and participating divine discourse or Satsangs.

Darshanam: Darshanam means seeing the divine in all animate and inanimate beings. Under this category comes visit to temples, sacred places, visiting saints, scholars and all those people who spread Dharma on earth.

Different Types of Worship in Hinduism Other Daily Puja and Prayers

Keerthanam: Keerthanam includes chanting Om, mantras, sahasranamas, narrating scriptures to others etc.

Smaranam: This is remembering the Brahman or Supreme Truth before all actions.

Archanam: This includes offering flowers, food, leaves and other valuables to the almighty

Vandanam or Namaskara: This is bowing and showing respect to divine present in all living and nonliving.

Sevanam: Serving those that need our help including animals and plants.

Samarpanam: This involves giving a part of what we have – Annadanam (giving food) is considered to be the greatest samarpanam.

Source – Inspired by an article published by IISH