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First Roti to Cow and Last Roti to Dog Helps in Solving Janam Kundli Problems

The core teaching of Hinduism is seeing the Divine in all animate and inanimate. Based on this teaching, Hindus have come up with numerous totke (small processes) for solving problems in life. Offering the first roti (chapati or wheat flour bread) to cow; and the last roti to dog helps in solving Janam Kundli problems.

Now many people think this is just a superstition and it will not bring any changes in life. This is not true such processes help in the person connecting with other living beings. This develops positivity and weeds out negativity.

Janam Kundli problems are due to the bad positioning of Navagrahas or the nine planets. This period results in negative and destructing thinking. Such small processes helps in keeping out all kinds of bad thoughts and energy.

Such beliefs are not common among all Hindus. It is only believed by a few Hindus in a specific region.

This belief is more common in North India.