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Things to Remember While Lighting Lamp in Hindu Religion

Lighting the lamp is an essential part of any puja and ritual in Hindu religion. Symbolically, the lamp is a representation of the inner light present in all animate and inanimate. Here are few things to remember while lighting lamp in Hindu religion.

Light lamp using only cow ghee. Lamp lit using ghee of cow will keep out the evil forces and negative energy.

Use bronze lamp or clay lamp.

Lighting lamp near Tulsi plant daily will help in having good health, peace and prosperity.

Always keep the lamp and the puja area clean.

Do not allow smoke to come out of the lamp.

At home if you have the tradition  of lighting a lamp, then light only a single wick.

The mantra chanted while lighting lamp
शुभम करोति कलयाणम् आरोग्यम् धन सम्पदा,
शत्रुबुध्दि विनाशाय दीपज्योति नमस्तुते

Number of Wicks

  • One wick lamp is for general peace and prosperity.
  • Two wicks are lit for peace in family and good relationship among family members and relatives.
  • Three wicks are lit for prosperity.
  • Four wicks are lit for keeping out poverty and to have a sumptuous meal daily.
  • Five wicks are lit for success in all ventures and it helps in getting better agricultural produce.
  • Six wicks are lit for gaining knowledge and for achieving the goal of detachment from worldly life.