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Sri Krishna is Our Friend – Janmashtami Thoughts and Quotes by Hindu Blog

There is an unnecessary fear and seriousness attached to god, Bhakti, spirituality. The ever-smiling Sri Krishna wanted to show us that depression, seriousness, crying, brooding, inflicting pain etc in the name of God and religion is ignorance. One of the aims of the Avatar of Sri Krishna was to remove this unwanted fear and seriousness with matters associated with God. Krishna is a friend who is inside and around us. His relationship with Gopis and Gopas in Vrindavan, Kuchela, Arjuna, Radha, Rukmini, Sathyabama, Draupadi are examples which clearly illustrate this point.

Sri Krishna wanted to show us that God is not someone who sits in the skies with a remote control – giving happiness to few; unhappiness to few; suffering to certain folks; heaven to believers.

Krishna is in us; he is all around us. What this does is that it instills confidence in us to face the challenges in life. With a friend like Sri Krishna to support and guide what is there to fear in this universe.

Unwanted rituals and pujas perish, when we are able to realize that He is our friend. Fear and desires are annihilated. Life becomes easy. We are able to lead a tension free and happy life.

Krishna is not a friend who will give false hopes. He will not promise false miracles. The only miracle he performs is that he leads us on the path of Dharma.

He will guide us to successfully navigate through the worldliness. Think of Mahabharata battlefield as our life. With Sri Krishna our friend seated on the driver’s seat, there is nothing to worry. We just need to perform our work by sticking to Dharma with complete devotion. Then there will be only bliss here and hereafter.

Abhilash Rajendran