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Shiva Dancing on Nandi

Shiva dancing on Nandi, the bull, is a popular image in North and Eastern parts of India. But this concept is not followed in South India. It is believed that Shiva first gave the lessons of dancing to his most favorite disciple, Nandi. There are also images of Shiva dancing ecstatically with Nandi.

Shiva is practically lost in his dance and Nandi beats the drum.

Tandu is a name associated with Nandi as he has the fortune to dance with Shiva.

When Shiva dances in the Nataraja form, Nandi is a mere spectator and this is the most popular concept followed.

Shiva dancing and Nandi beating the drum is mentioned in the Bengali translation of the Malatimadhava.

It must be noted here that in Odisha there are temples panels depicting Shiva dancing on Nandi.