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Atharva Veda Quotes and Teachings

This is a collection of quotes and teachings from Atharva Veda. The quotes have been collected from various sources.

O man! May there be conformity in your lifestyle and may there be equal share of food and drink for all in the bounty of Mother Nature.

I join you all to the common yoke of social welfare. As all the spokes of the wheel joined at the center give it acceleration, in the same way be united and equal and make progress.

Only he knows truly the mighty omnipotent and omnipresent God, who is within and beyond all formulated entities of the vast universe. Penetrate deeper to know the ultimate truth.

He cannot be seen by the eye, and words cannot reveal Him. He cannot be reached by the senses, or by austerity or sacred actions. He can be seen by the grace of wisdom and purity of mind and in the silence of contemplation. This invisible Atman can be seen by the mind wherein the five senses are resting.

Stand erect, and cross you over, my comrades!
This rocky river flows on before us.
Abandon here all those that are malicious,
Let us cross to powers, benign and pleasant

The world exists because of the existence of Parabrahma (supreme being).

Brahman or supreme entity can only known by truthful investigation.

All the living beings including Indra ultimately gets dissolved in Brahman only.

Love is the first born, loftier than the Gods, the Fathers and men.
You O Love, are the eldest of all, altogether mighty.
To you we pay homage!
In many forms of goodness, O Love, you show your face.
Grant that these forms may penetrate our hearts. (Atharva Veda IX 2.19)

Udyaanam te purusha naava yaanam – Atharva Veda 8-1-6
O man! Uplift yourself. Don’t fall down. It is true that the path of pilgrimage is steep and high, long and exhausting, but still never stoop low. Never ever degrade yourself. You are destined to soar high and not to sink down.

Fall has many sides. Fall in your thoughts will give birth to so many degradations. Fall in your thoughts will give rise to the fall of your sight. Fall in the sight will give rise to fall in actions and that will lead to the fall in your life. A fallen life is not a life but worse than death. Ride on the chariot of human body. This chariot is both a source of joy and of immortality. This is the greatest gift from God unto you. O traveler of heavenly path! May this truth be revealed unto you that you are blessed with divine intellect. Preach knowledge and wisdom till the end of life. In this uphill task—should you ever feel weak and tired, enter the chariot of divine grace and seek divine blessings.

Utkraamaatah purusha maava pathaa – Atharva Veda 8-1-4
O man, rise. Rise from wherever you are. Rise from earth, and rise from sky. Rise from sea, and rise from sand. If you are sick or weak, rise from there; if you are hale and hearty rise from there. If you are a child or a blooming youth or an adult or even a frail old person rise from there. If you are stricken with sorrow or experiencing grand happiness, rise from there. If you are lying in poverty or rolling in wealth, rise from there. May be you are idle or active, rise from there. May be you are deserted by all your friends and relatives or surrounded by scores of well wishers, rise from there.
Don’t be satisfied with what you are or have in your possession. Stagnant water always decays. Don’t be static but keep moving that too in upward direction. Give up demon like nature and be humane. Being humane also can’t be the end. From there try to attain divinity. That is the end goal. Strive for that. From earth rise up to heaven; from heaven rise up to God supreme. Neither sorrow nor enjoy petty mundane matters. Rise above them all.

May we throw off the interior impurities in the stream of knowledge and the exterior ones in that of water and thus we may become pure, fit for admittance into heaven. (Atharva Veda 14, 2, 67).

Evil befalls him who does evil. (Atharva Veda 10, 1, 5)

May I love everyone whether noble or ignoble. (Atharva Veda 19, 26, 4)

Those who love and keep peace, preserve the forces of nature (physical, mental and spiritual) within themselves. (Atharva 19, 27, 10)

It is with united effort that good deeds can be done. (Atharva 20, 128, 12)

Thoughts From Atharva Veda

The creator is perfect,
He possesses perfect power,
Whence is created perfect Nature.
The perfect universe derives life,
From the perfect Creator.
Let us comprehend this perfect power,
That bestows life on all beings.

In the beginning was the golden womb
The seed of elemental existence,
The only Lord of all that was born,
He upheld the heaven and earth together
To what God other than Him, should we dedicate our life?

I am “Satya,” the Truth. I manifest myself in the great epic. I appear as the Truth through the “jataveda” fire. None is above me. I am the Ultimate.
Atharva Veda

Teachings on Peace – Atharva Veda

Peace be on earth,
Peace be in the skies,
Peace be in heaven,
Peace be in the waters,
Peace be upon plants,
Peace be upon trees;
May the gods grant me Peace
May all gods grant me Peace
May peace be generated by these invocations; Peace.

By these invocations, all-encompassing invocations, I appease all that is terrible here, all that is cruel, all that is evil; may all that be peaceful, may all that be propitious, may all be tranquil for us.  (Atharva Veda, 19.9.14)

Teachings on Time from Atharva Veda

Time, the seven-reigned horse, thousand-eyed, un-raging and prolific, draws the cosmic chariot. Sages with keen vision mount it; all the beings are its wheels. (Atharva Veda XIX.53.1)

This Time draws the seven wheels; seven are its naves; verily, the immortality is the axle. Making all the beings manifest, Time, the destroyer, move on. He is the primal deity. (Atharva Veda XIX.53.2)

Kale manah (In Time, mind)
Kale Pranah (In Time, Life)
Kalo ha sarvasyesvarah (Time is the Lord of all) (Atharva Veda XIX.53.7-8)