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Approaching Women with Bad Intention Might Be the Reason for Misfortune in Life

In spite of hard work and determination, some people do achieve success. Some people might be facing bad luck and problems in life. This is the result of the curse of women. Approaching or looking women with bad intention can cause misfortune in life.

It is said in the Puranas that a person approaching a woman with bad intention will give away all the punyas that he had earned in this birth and the previous birth. This will result in bad luck and problems in life.

This fact is explained through the story of a demon who attempted to kidnap Goddess Lakshmi. The demon had got the boon of invincibility but lost it the moment he looked at Goddess Lakshmi with sexual intention.

Approaching widows with intention of exploiting them will result in numerous problems in life. Shani, Rahu and Ketu will start causing problems in the life of such a person. There will be unexpected problems in life. It will take several births to remove the ill effects of the curse of a widow.