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Tulsi Vastu Tips – Types of Tulsi– Position of Tulsi Plant as per Vastu Shastra

From the point of view of Vastu Shastra, the Tulsi plant is beneficial in numerous ways. Tulsi has the power to remove all kinds of Vastu dosh from houses, shops, and other places.

Tulsi removes all kinds of negative energy in and around the house. It helps in keeping the relationships among family members cordial. 

The Position of Tulsi Plant

The ideal position is northeast corner of the house. Tulsi should be kept on a raised platform. To overcome Vastu Dosha the Tulsi plant can be placed starting from southeast to northwest.

The tulsi plant kept near the kitchen will bring unity among family members.

If children in the house are adamant and creating problems then a Tulsi plant should be kept on the north side of the house and they should be given three tulsi leaves daily to eat in the morning.

Those people facing difficulty with marriage like delay in marriage, unable to find a suitable alliance should keep a Tulsi plant in the southeast corner of the house and should water in daily in the morning.

Keeping the Tulsi in the northwest corner and daily watering it will help in solving business-related problems.

Planting seventeen Tulsi plant by putting beej or seed of the plant in the garden or in a vacant place will help in getting a job at the earliest. This vastu tip is ideal for those who are unemployed.

Dried Tulsi plant should be replaced with a new one. The old plant should be put under the mud.