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Story of Shani Bhagavan in Female Form and Hanuman

Shani Bhagavan in female form and Hanuman is the story of the famous Sarangpur Hanuman Temple in Botad District, Gujarat. In the temple, Shani Bhagavan, in the form of a woman, is depicted as taking refuge at the feet of Hanuman.

Legend has it that once Shani Bhagavan began to torment the people on earth in an excessive manner. People on earth had no peace and happiness. They complained to Lord Hanuman as he had control over all the Navgrahas.

Sankat Mochan Hanuman was saddened by the plight of his devotees. He got angry at Shani Bhagavan and challenged him for a fight.

When Shani Bhagavan came to know about the anger of Hanuman, Shani looked for ways to escape the wrath of Hanuman.

Shani realized that Hanuman was a Bal Brahmachari and he would never harm a woman.

So Shani Bhagavan took the form of a woman and approached Hanuman. He then fell on the feet of Hanuman and asked for forgiveness.

Hanuman accepted the prayers of Shani Bhagavan and pardoned him. From that day onwards at Kashtbhanjandev Temple in Sarangpur, Shani Bhagavan is seen in female form near Hanuman’s feet.