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Shiva Is Silence – Supreme Consciousness – Thoughts

This article is a collection of quotes and excerpts from an article written by Mohanji, a famous philosopher and writer.

Shiva the supreme consciousness is silent witness to all of creation as well as the constant dissolution of all creation.

The whole universe has come out that Supreme.

This formless, pure brightness is the aspiration of all forms of the universe.

All are connected to it all the time, because all exist in that vas consciousness.

Like waves come out of the ocean and merge back into it, creations emerge from the Supreme Consciousness and dissolve back into it time and again.

Shiva is silence, and it takes deeper avenues of silence to reach the silence of Shiva.

Sounds have come out of silence and all sounds dissolve back into the silence of Shiva.

Every seeker aspires to dive and dissolve into this silence which takes them beyond duality into the absolute bliss of silence.