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Importance Of Washing Feet In Hinduism

Although ignored by many Hindus today, washing the feet is of great importance in Hinduism. As per Hindu religion, a Hindu should wash his feet before entering a house, before puja, before eating and before sleeping.

Before entering a house

A Hindu should wash his feet before entering a house. The main reason is not to carry any germs into the house. Another reason is to make sure that no negative energy enters the house. Evil forces also enters the house through unclean feet.

Before Puja

Before performing puja a person has to be clean from outside and inside. One should wash the hands, face and feet before performing puja. One should enter temple or other sacred places after washing hands and feet.

Each temple earlier had a pond outside specifically for the devotees to wash feet and hands before entering the temple premises.

Washing the feet before eating

It is equally important to wash both feet and hands before eating. It is considered auspicious as we are showing respect to Goddess Annapurna (food). It is also believed that the vitamins in the food get absorbed easily.

Washing the feet before sleeping

Washing the feet before sleep and offering prayers help in getting deep sleep. It also helps in keeping out bad dreams and disturbed sleep.