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Brihaspati Mantra – How to Chant Brihaspati Mantra? – Benefits

Brihaspati mantra is dedicated to Brihaspati one of the Navgrahas. Below is the mantra and its benefits and how to chant the Brihaspati Mantra.

Brihaspati Mantra

ब्रम्ह बृहस्पताये नम:
Om Brahm Brihaspataye Namah

Benefits of Chanting Brihaspati Mantra

  • It is chanted for having the blessing of Brihaspati in horoscope or Janam Kundli.
  • Those having bad position of Brihaspati in horoscope will find relief after chanting the mantra.
  • This mantra is chanted for achieving success in education and jobs.
  • It is also chanted to get beautiful wife or handsome husband.
  • It is chanted to the problems of life courageously and to overcome them.
  • The mantra is chanted to overcome heart and stomach ailments.
  • The mantra is also chanted to achieve mental peace.

How to Chant Brihaspati Mantra?

The mantra is to be chanted on a Thursday morning.
Wake up before sunrise and take bath.
Wear yellow color dress.
Sit facing north or northeast.
First offer prayers to Ganesha and then to Lord Vishnu.
Next light lamp using pure cow ghee with one wick. Put a pinch of haldi in the ghee.
Chant the mantra using a haldi mala 108 times.
Those having stomach ailments should keep the haldimala near the stomach and chant the mantra.
Those having heart ailments should keep the mala near the heart.
Those having health problems of head should keep it near the head and chant the mantra.
Growing a haldi plant (turmeric plant) in the house in a pot or in garden will be highly beneficial.