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10 Simple Tips in Hinduism to Overcome Depression

Depression is a widespread problem today and is on the rise. Here are 10 simple tips in Hinduism to overcome depression. As per Hinduism, there is a direct connection between moon (Chandra – the Hindu moon god) and depression and mood swings.
  • Offer prayers to Shiva on Monday. Chandra is eternally indebted to Shiva and therefore devotees of Shiva will never be harmed by the moon.
  • Change the current environment by removing all forms of negative energy.

  • Improve self-confidence by being in the company of people who have positive outlook. (This is known as Satsang).
  • Stop searching for happiness outside – in people and things.
  • Practice detachment. Do work and then forget about it. Do not bother about results.
  • Drink water lots water daily in a silver glass.
  • On Monday and during full moon day (Purnima), wear white color clothes. Make sweet pudding using rice, milk and rock sugar (mishri or kalkandam). Offer it to Shiva and Chandra later share it with family members, neighbors and friends.
  • Wear two-face rudraksha on a silver chain (mala).
  • Daily wear white chandan (sandalwood). If you can get hold of a small piece of white sandalwood, daily rub it on a stone along with small amount of milk to create a thick paste. Wear it daily.
  • Offer water to full moon (arghya). Mix a few drops of milk in the water.