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All Universal Truth Has the Same Taste

We cling to outer identity. We are more concerned and bothered about the names on the surface. But what we do not realize is that the inner truth is one. Only the garments and outer covering are different. When the ego and separate identity is dropped, we are all divine.

All universal truth has the same taste. It is that just it comes out of different external forms. The language used to explain the universal truth might be different. The style, simile, and examples used might be different. But they all are attempts to capture the beauty of the universal truth.

Hatred, terrorism, intolerance, nepotism, inequality, unpleasantness and misunderstanding in the world is because we are not able to realize that it is a single source that is the sole energy behind all animate and inanimate in the universe. Only the name of the single source differs.

The universal truth is lost in conflicts. There is so much of hatred and intolerance because we define ourselves through our outer identity.

Today because of our laziness, we are dependent on scriptures and religious leaders to understand the truth. What they preach has lost purity. It is far away from the original source. We need to use them to get back to the original source. Listen, read and then contemplate. Remove the dirt of years of ignorance. Once the dirt of ignorance is removed, we will see the pure light of truth.

Always remember truth cannot be hidden for a very long period. It is like the sun, it can only be hidden for some time by a cloud. Ultimately, the real truth will come out.

Whenever there are a conflict and violence, there are people who thrive, make a profit and ill-treat other living beings. Such people first cover up the truth by creating a false outer identity. They use untruth to create confusion among the public. They murder the truth.

When the truth is not properly understood, it is easy to create physical and mental violence.

We get to hear only about the physical violence but millions of people suffer from mental violence through not realizing the truth. Such people might not get physical but live with untruth and they suffer because of it. This untruth reflects in their day to day life.

The desire and the mentality to find fault with the other and say that my truth is the only real truth is the direct result of false identification.

Until you cannot see yourself in another human being, you have not known the real. You are in a fake world.

There are millions of ways to enter the world of God. Accepting all these millions of ways is the first step towards god realization.

The way to god is not important. But unfortunately today we fight for the way. We want to establish only one way to god. All other paths are destroyed. Those who want to follow their own path are forcibly converted or terminated.

All religions are just paths to reach the destination. Once realization dawns the paths disappear. Then we merge in the universal truth.

All identities are lost when self-realization dawns in a person. The scripture and the reader are lost in the flood of self-realization. The idol and the worshipper are lost. All false outer coverings are lost. What remains is the pure truth – that is the Supreme Truth. It is beyond words and it is beyond imagination. It has to be realized.