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Why Kamadeva is also known as Kandarpa?

Kandarpa is one among the numerous names of Kamadeva. Here is the story which explains why Kamadeva is also known as Kandarpa. It is found in the Kalika Purana.

Legend has it that Brahma created ten Prajapatis to help in creation. Brahma also created a woman named Sandhya.

Sandhya was divinely beautiful and her beauty aroused strong sexual desire in men. For a split second, Brahma too was enamored by the beauty of Sandhya.

Suddenly a very handsome young man emerged from the right chest of Brahma with a floral bow in his hands.

He was named Kandarpa because he is said to have asked Lord Brahma: “whom should I make proud?” – kam darpayami.

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