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Story of Indivaraksha from Markandeya Purana

Story of Indivaraksha is found in the chapter 60 of Markandeya Purana. Indivaraksha was a gandharva and son of Nalanbha, chief of Vidyadharas. One day he approached Sage Brahmamitra and requested him to teach him Ayurveda.

But Sage Brahmamitra declined the request.

Indivaraksha was not ready to go back without learning Ayurveda. Therefore, he hid near the ashram of the sage and learned Ayurveda when the sage taught his disciples.

Within six months, Indivaraksa learned Ayurveda. Overjoyed at his achievement he laughed loudly. The sage realized what had happened. In anger, he cursed Indivaraksa to take the form of a demon.
The sage later regretted his actions and told Indivaraksha that he would give up the demon form when he was attacked by his children.

One day Manorama, daughter of Indivaraksa, was roaming in the forest. She was joined by her lover Swarochi. Suddenly a Rakshasa attacked her. Both Manorama and Swarochi attacked back and shot arrows at the Rakshasa.

Soon the Rakshasa changed his form to that of Indivaraksha. He then narrated his story. He also taught Ayurveda to Manorama and Swarochi.