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Shani Temple Near Gwalior | Famous for Shani Amavasya | Hanuman Threw Shani From Lanka Here

Shani Temple near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh is associated with the story of Hanuman rescuing Shani from the prison of Ravana in Lanka. It is said that during the Ramayana period, in order to rescue Hanuman threw Shani from Lanka and Shani Bhagavan landed at the spot where the temple is located. Shani Amavasya attracts more than a lakh devotees to the shrine.

This famous Shani Temple is located at Aiti Village in Morena District in Madhya Pradesh. The temple is around 18 km from Gwalior and around 37 kilometers from Morena.

The temple is located on a hilltop known as Shani Parvati. A 14-kilometer circumambulation of the mountain (parikrama) helps in nullifying the effect of Sade Sati and other Shani related problems in horoscope or janam kundli.

The murti of Bhagavan Shani worshipped in the temple is very old and it was established during the Ramayana period.

There is a unique murti of Hanuman outside the temple. Hanuman has a dagger tied to his waist and is stepping on a monkey.

Story of Shani Temple near Gwalior

Hanuman enters Lanka and starts searching for Mata Sita. Soon he hears cries from a dungeon. Hanuman finds Shani Bhagavan in the prison.

Ravana had captured Shani to ward off his deadly graze. Ravana who was also a great astrologer knew that Shani would cause his downfall.

In the prison, Shani was chained upside down like a bat and his face turned to the dark wall. Shani was tied in such a way so that his glance will not fall on anyone.

Hanuman breaks the chain and frees Shani.

He then threw Shani away from Lanka. Shani is believed to have come fallen at the spot where the Shani temple is located at Aiti Village in Morena District in Madhya Pradesh.

Shani Amavasya at Shani Temple Near Gwalior

One of the most auspicious days at the Shani Temple is the Shani Amavasya, when no moon day falls on Saturday.

Thousands of devotees from nearby towns and villages visit the temple on the occasion.

A huge fair is organized on the occasion.

More than 100,000 devotees visit the shrine during Shani Amavasya.

Unique Offerings

Devotees leave behind shirt, shoes and chappals in the temple to get rid of curse.

Offering hair from head is performed to get rid of curse and evil eye.