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How to Perform Kamdev Puja? – Mantra – Puja Vidhi – Procedure – Benefits

Worship of Kamdev is performed for achieving success in love and romance related matters. It also helps in attraction and improving love and sex in marriage. Below is a detail account of how to perform Kamdev puja along with detail puja vidhi, mantra, complete procedure and benefits of the puja. The puja can be performed at home. Kamdev, also known as Manmatha or Manmadan, is the Hindu god of love.

Benefits of Kamdev Worship and Mantra

  • Helps in desire fulfillment of matters related to love, romance and sex.
  • Improvement in relationship with spouse.
  • There will be positive development in marriage related matters.
  • For getting loving husband or wife.
  • For beauty and good appearance.
  • Attraction.
  • Change of luck.

When is Kamdev Puja Performed?

  • On Holi festival day, on Shukla Paksha Dwadashi or  Shukla Paksha Trayodashi tithi during the 12th or 13th day during the waxing phase of moon of a Hindu lunar month.
  • The puja is highly beneficial when performed during the Shukla Paksha Dwadashi or  Shukla Paksha Trayodashi Tithi in Chaitra month.

Kamdev Mantra

क्लीं कामेश्वराय नमः॥ 
Kleem Kameshwaraya Namah:

How to Perform Kamdev Puja?

  • The puja should be performed facing northwest.
  • Ideal time to perform the puja is after sunrise in the morning.
  • The person performing the puja should take bath and then wear pink color dress.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha in the mind.
  • Keep the image of Kamdev in the northwest corner. If there is no image the person can keep a kalash filled with water. Add some chandan, fragrant flowers, mango flowers or leaves and fragrance to the water in the kalash. Close the kalash with mango leaves and coconut.
  • Lamp should be lit using ghee. One wick is ideal.
  • Dhoop or agarbhati should be of chandan.
  • Offer pink color flowers.
  • Offer chandan, gulal and abheer.
  • If Mango flowers are available then offer them.
  • The bhog or prasad on the day should be kheer made using rice and sugar.
  • Tell your prayers and desires
  • The above said Kamdev mantra (Kleem Kameshwaraya Namah:) should be chanted 108 times.
  • The bhog or Prasad should be shared with friends and family members and should include a married woman.

Special Offering to Kamdev

The chandan offered to Kamdev should be worn daily to achieve desire fulfillment regarding romance and love matters.

Offering a lamp with seven wicks of kamdev is beneficial is solving problems in marriage. The lamp should be lit using cow ghee. Fragrance like itar should be added to the ghee. Problems between husband and wife will be solved after doing the offering.

Offer peacock leaves to Kamdev and later keeping it at home will help in changing fortune. There will be better luck in love related matters.