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Hladini Shakti

Hladini Shakti is the bliss giving potency associated with Lord Krishna. It is essentially a Vaishnava concept. According to some school of thought, Radha is the personification of Hladini Shakti.
Hladini is Ananda or bliss.

Hladini stands for that power of Bhagavan which renders possible all experiences of bliss, from the lowest to the highest. All such phenomenal situations of bliss, as well as the infinite and unconditional transcendent bliss of Bhagavata himself, become possible because of the Hladini power alone.

Because of the Hladini Shakti of Brahman, the universe is full of joy and pleasure.

This shakti is used by the Supreme Truth to carry out blissfulness in the world.

Whatever resources are required to preserve the universe is expressed through Hladini Shakti.

Hladini is considered the highest Shakti of Bhagavan as it subsumes within itself both the sandhini and samvit powers of God. It is so because the occurrence of any blissful cognition logically implies the background conditions of cognitive capacity, i.e., consciousness (chit) and ontological reality (sat). Thus, even among the three essential powers of Bhagavan it is Hladini Shakti that most comprehensively and essentially represents his nature. With respect to Hladini shakti, all the other powers are God are but adjectives of qualifications. Hladini represents the innermost nature of Bhagavata. This confirms to the Upanishadic description of the Highest Reality as raso vai sah, or ‘It is absolute bliss.’