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What is Iccha Shakti in Hinduism?

Iccha Shakti means will power and is a philosophical concept associated with Kashmir Shaivism.

  • Iccha means desire and power of will.
  • In Vedas, the term Iccha is not found, there the term kama is used to convey the same meaning.
  • Iccha is of two types one towards the fruit and another towards the attainment of the fruit.
  • Iccha Shakti of the Supreme Truth resulted in the creation of the universe and all animate and inanimate beings.
  • It is the first principle of activity – the first seed of the mind. Thus the sweet will of Shiva to create universe is Iccha Shakti.
  • Shiva is full of five energies - Chitta Shakti, Ananda Shakti, Iccha Shakti, Jnana Shakti and Kriya Shakti.