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Story Of Rishi Galava And Rtadhvaja

Story of Rishi Galava and Prince Rtadhvaja is found in the Markandeya Purana. Sage Galava was famous for his austerity and piety but he was oppressed by a demon due to a sin committed during one of his births.

To escape from the demon, Rishi Galava took refuge in the palace of King Satrujita.

Story of Rishi Galava and Rtadhvaja

King Satrujita could not defeat the demon.

The king had a brave and powerful son named Rtadhvaja.

Riding on a divine horse, gifted by Sage Galava, Rtadhvaja defeated the demon and forced him to flee to the netherworld.

Kinnara in Hinduism – Divine Beings with Horse Head and Human Body