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Story of Origin of Wearing Sindhoor by Married Hindu Women

Married Hindu women wear sindhoor on the partition of the hair for the long life of their husbands.

The story of the origin of wearing sindhoor is associated with Goddess Sati and the story is mentioned in the Puranas.

Goddess Sati had committed self-immolation in the yajna (sacrifice) conducted by her father Daksha Prajapati. She had done this to protect the honor of her husband, Lord Shiva. The insults hurled on Shiva, who was not present, in the yajna was unbearable to Goddess Sati who had gone to the Yajna to enquire why her husband was not invited to it.

Women, who witnessed the death of Goddess Sati, took the red color ash from the yajna and applied it between the partitions of their hair. They did this out of respect for Maa Sati.

From that day, sindhoor got associated with Goddess Sati. Married women offer prayers to Goddess Shakti for a happy and prosperous married life.