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Why Hindus Do Not Wear Footwear in Kitchen?

There are certain things that Hindus never do in their life and one among them is wearing footwear in kitchen. This was strictly followed by Hindus even in restaurants, hotels and community kitchen. But today we see many Hindus wearing footwear in community kitchens. So, why Hindus do not wear footwear in kitchen?

Food is god in Hinduism. Food is provided by Goddess Annapurna. Even Shiva is helpless without food. This is the reason why he stands with a begging bowl in Kashi before Goddess Annapurna.

Agni (fire) is always present in kitchen. Agni was worshipped in Hinduism from the time of the Vedas.

Food (Annam) and fire (Agni) is holy in Hinduism and they are together found in kitchen.
Thus kitchen is a sacred place in Hindu culture.

This is the religious reason why Hindus do not wear footwear in kitchen.

But the most important reason for not wearing footwear is that it carries several harmful bacteria and viruses which can contaminate food and cause food poisoning.

Therefore people always enter homes after washing their legs. Even today many traditional homes keep water outside for people to wash their legs and hands before entering the house.

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