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Iccha Upaya in Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy

Realization through one’s will power is known as Iccha Upaya in Kashmir Shaiva philosophy. It is also known as Shambhavopaya. The realization depends on the will power of the person.

Self-realization is here attained through the mere exercise of the will power. All other experience and methods are considered secondary in Iccha Upaya.

Meditation, contemplation, physical exercises are not part of Iccha Upaya.

Absorption in Shiva consciousness happens to that person who has freed himself from the clutches of the sensory pleasures through intense awakening of his/her own.

In this there is identification with Shiva without any meditation or thought process. One attains identification with Shiva through intensive orientation of will power.

The universe and all animate and inanimate in it are not at all different from me.

Characteristics of Iccha Upaya are the state of universal love and unity with all living forms.

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