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Goddess Lakshmi Temple in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh – Goddess Murti Changes Color Three Times

There is a unique and extraordinary temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The murti or idol of Laxmi Ma changes its color three times. Sunrays also fall on the murti during sunrise. The temple is located in the Adhartal area in Jabalpur and the shrine is known as Pachmatha Temple.

Short History of the Temple
The original temple was constructed during the reign of Rani Durgavati of the Gondwana during the 16th century AD.

The temple is located near the famous Adhartal Talab.

Sri Yantra
The four walls of the sanctum sanctorum are noted for Sri Yantra. It is believed that during ancient time, the temple was an important center of Tantric Puja and worship. Due to this reason, the shrine attracts a huge crowd during Amavasya or no moon day.

During sunrise, the rays of sun fall on the feet of the murti of Goddess Lakshmi in the temple.

Goddess Lakshmi Idol Changes its Color Three Times
The murti of the Goddess Lakshmi in the temple changes its color three times daily.
Morning – White
Afternoon – Yellow
Evening – Blue

The present temple was constructed a decade back.

Apart from the monthly Amavasya, another important day in the shrine is Friday.

The belief is that those offering prayers here will have their wishes fulfilled.

The temple remains open during the day. It is only closed at night.