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Betal Gufa in Sundar Nagar in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh – Miracle Cave Which Once Used to Drip Ghee

Betal Gufa is a miracle cave in Sundar Nagar in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the Sita Ki Pahadi (a mountain named after Mata Sita in the Molwadi area of the place). Earlier it seems the cave used to drip ghee. If people made a wish for ghee or utensils, it used to be fulfilled.

There is a stream flowing inside the cave and this produces a musical sound. The water flows through the mouth of the cave and it is noted for its sweetness.

The cave is believed to be more than 150 feet in length and around 15 feet in height. Idols and images of Hindu gods and goddesses are found in the cave.

Earlier, whenever there was a marriage in the area. The head of the house used to take a puja thali to the cave and ask for desi ghee and utensils required for preparing food for marriage. Next day morning the head of the house used to find the required ghee and vessels in front of the cave. After marriage, the vessels are placed in front of the cave and next day morning they disappear. But once a man did not return the utensils after marriage and from that day onwards nobody got vessels again from the cave.

Similarly, the walls of the cave used to drip ghee and people used to collect it and use it as food and for cooking. But once a man took roti inside the cave and started eating the roti by rubbing it on the wall of the cave. Due to this act, the ghee was polluted and the walls stopped dripping ghee.

It is believed that prayers offered in the cave are always fulfilled. People have had their desires fulfilled after offering prayers in the cave.

Whenever livestock in the nearby village fall sick or stop giving milk, people perform puja near the cave and get the problems solved.