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To Reach The Rose You Need To Go Through The Thorns

Never label a person because labels rarely stick for a long period. They always peel off. No person is eternally good or eternally bad. Situations force people to behave in a particular manner. An atheist can burn a believer tomorrow. An ordinary person can become a rebel. Instead of labeling a person, empathize with the person.

Life today can be summed up as regular doses of happiness and regular doses of misery. Both these doses of happiness and misery depend on external factors. Change the direction in which you seek happiness. Instead of the external direction, take the internal direction. If the search is genuine, then you will find something, which is better than temporary happiness.

Leaving a secure but boring environment or job in search of an exciting one often ends in tragedy. This is because when you were in the boring environment, you always thought the exciting one was a bed of roses. But roses have thorns too. To reach the rose you need to go through the thorns. And sometimes the thorns are too many. Many of us are not ready to walk through the thorns to reach the roses.

What you went searching for in an ashram or sacred place was always with you. It is just that you did not look in the right place.