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Sidh Baba Sodal Mela on Anant Chaudas

Sidh Baba Sodal Mela is annually observed on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi – on Anant Chaturdashi tithi in Jalandhar, Punjab. Sidh Baba Sodal mela 2024 date is September 17. During the mela, millions of people visit the shrine of Sidh Baba Sodal and offer Topa or Prasad.

The annual ritual is undertaken by Sidh Baba Sodal Sudhar Sabha.

People make special offerings during the period to Baba. On Anant Chaudas day, there is lot of activities including special puja, satsang, free food and other philanthropic activities. People light a lamp in the home dedicated to  Sidh Baba Sodal.

A big fair takes place during the period.