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Hiranyakeshi Grihya Sutra – Vedic Rituals Associated with Homes

Hiranyakeshi Grihya Sutra is the 19th and 20th chapter of Srauta Sutra. It is believed that these Vedic rituals were composed between 800 BC and 300 BC. The text is also known as Satyasadha Grihya Sutra. Hiranyakeshi Grihya Sutra text deals with rituals pertaining to the house hold fire. The text is credited to Satyasadha Hiranyakeshi

The first portion of the sutra is associated with:
  • Upanayana (ceremony of initiation) and 
  • the rituals of marriage.
The other matters dealt the in the sutra are:
  • Simantonnayana (ritual performed during a woman’s first pregnancy)
  • Pumsavana (a rite performed in order to beget a health child)
  • Jatakarma (writing the future and destiny of the child immediately after childbirth)
  • Namakarana (naming of the child)
  • Paka Yajna a minor rite associated with household fire is also mentioned.
There is a section referred to as Sesha Sutra in the text. It consists of eight sub divisions. Rituals observed in daily life are mentioned in the form of aphorisms.

The content of Hiranyakeshi Grihya Sutra is quite similar to Grihya Sesha Sutra of Baudhayana.