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12 names of Hanuman ji in English and Hindi – Chant It for Change of Fortune

Hanuman is known by numerous names but there are 12 names of Hanuman, which are considered highly auspicious. Below is the 12 names of Hanuman ji in English and Hindi with meaning and explanation. Chanting the names helps in attaining peace and prosperity. Those who regularly chant it have seen change in their fortune.

A person should chant the mantra after waking up from sleep and before going to bed.

The 12 names are together known as Dwadasha Namavali. It is mentioned in several Puranas.

12 names of Hanuman ji in English
  1. Hanuman
  2. Anjanisunu (son of Anjani)
  3. Vayuputra (son of Vayu)
  4. Mahabal (blessed with unimaginable strength)
  5. Rameshta (favorite of Sri Ram)
  6. Phalguna-sakha (Friend of Arjuna of Mahabharata)
  7. Pingaksho (he whose eyes are brown)
  8. Amitavikram (one who performs incredible feats)
  9. Udadhikramana (the ocean crosser)
  10. Seetashokavinashini (one who alleviated the sadness of Mata Sita)
  11. Lakshmanprandata (One who saved the life of Lakshmana)
  12. Dashgriv-Darpaha (One who destroyed the pride of Ravana)
12 names of Hanuman ji in Hindi

हनुमानअंजनीसूनुर्वायुपुत्रो महाबल:
रामेष्ट: फाल्गुनसख: पिंगाक्षोअमितविक्रम:।।
उदधिक्रमणश्चेव सीताशोकविनाशन:
लक्ष्मणप्राणदाता दशग्रीवस्य दर्पहा।।
एवं द्वादश नामानि कपीन्द्रस्य महात्मन:
स्वापकाले प्रबोधे यात्राकाले : पठेत्।।
तस्य सर्वभयं नास्ति रणे विजयी भवेत्।
राजद्वारे गह्वरे भयं नास्ति कदाचन।।

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