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Nandotsav Importance and 2024 Date – Nanda Mahotsav after Janmashtami at Vrindavan in India

Nandotsav is dedicated to Sri Krishna and is observed on the day after Janmashtami in North India especially at Vrindavan and Mathura. In 2024, the date of Nandotsav festival is August 28. All Krishna Temples in North India celebrate Nandotsav. Nanda Mahotsav is a continuation of the birthday celebrations of Sri Krishna.

There is also a belief that celebrations on the day try to emulate the festivities organized by Nanda Maharaj in Nandgaon on the day.

Some legends suggest that the festival is associated with the rituals and celebrations performed by Nanda Maharaj the foster father of Lord Krishna. He distributed sweets, fruits and clothes to all the people in Nandgaon to celebrate the arrival of Lord Krishna. It is said that on hearing the arrival of Lord Krishna the people of the village went into ecstasy and started singing and dancing.

Nandotsav is celebrated on the ninth day or navami day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month.

Priests perform special pujas on the day. People distribute sweets, fruits, clothes, toys, utensils and coins as part of Nandotsav.