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Gunhu Punhi Festival 2024 date in Nepal - Importance of Gunhu Punhi

Gunhu Punhi is a unique festival observed Nepal and it begins on Janai Purnima day or the full moon day in Shravan Month. It is a nine-day festival and ends on the Krishnashtami day (the birth day of Sri Krishna). In 2024, the first day of Gunhu Punhi is August 19 (the Janai Purnima day).

Gunhu Punhi is mainly observed the Newar community in Nepal. On the first day of the festival, the people get a thread (doro) tied on their wrists from the temple priest. This thread is believed to protect them from all evil. People also drink a special liquid made from sprouted cereals. Another ritual on the day is the offering of food to frogs.

The second day of the Gunhu Punhi festival is observed as the Gai Jatra. People who had a death in the family take part in this procession. They dress up like cows. It is believed that this ritual will help the dead in reaching the heaven easily.

The community level festivities continue for the whole week and ends on the Krishnashtami day.