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Why Kinnar Or Hijra Visiting Home Is Good In Hindu Religion?

Transgender, Kinnar or Hijra, visiting home is considered good or auspicious in Hindu Religion. Here are the religious reasons for this:

  • Budh Graha is a transgender planet. Budh Grah has lot of influence on the intellect, education and fortune of a person. Kinnar, or Hijra, has the blessing of Budh. So such people visiting home brings the blessing of the Navgraha.
  • When a transgender arrives at home, it means the people living in the home will get relief from illness, court matters and other difficulties.
  • If you wish to have peace in the house then transgender should not be allowed to go empty-handed. They should be given money, food, cloth or anything valuable.
  • Those people having trouble in horoscope due to the bad positioning of Budh Grah will get relief when transgender visits their home and blesses them.