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A Life Devoid Of Prejudice And Judgments

Many things are wrong in this world. Many things are right in this world. Many things are wrong to us but the same things are right to someone else. So this whole idea of right and wrong is in the mind of the person. It is not universal. It changes from person to person, from place to place, and from community to community. This means that we need not spend our energy on proving ourselves right and others wrong.

A Life Devoid Of Prejudice And Judgments

As long as we live in society, we will have to live with the opposites. Good – bad, beauty – ugly, moral – immoral, evil – good, being – nonbeing, real – unreal, secure – insecure, virtue – sin …

So, how to escape from the trap of duality?

Duality is the result of believing unreal to be real. We are always attached and passionate about something that is unreal; something that has nothing to do with our true self.

The best option to avoid the trap is not to be attached to any concept.

Next, stop judging.

It is okay to have an opinion but do not impose it. Be flexible. Attempt to go beyond opinions and see the big truth behind all opinion – the infinite and formless.

Nurture or take care of things but not to enjoy or possess.

Work hard but not for rewards and results.

Look beyond the form and see the oneness in all animate and inanimate.

The height of the people in a particular village was average. There was a slightly tall man in the village and he was proud of his height. The average people were jealous of the tall man. Once, an average height man and the tall man went fishing. Their boat capsized and they both ended up on two different islands.

The average height man ended up on an island inhabited by short people. The tall man ended up on an island inhabited by giants.

Suddenly the belief system of both changed. The average height man was now the tallest person on the island. The tall man was now among giants and he was now the shortest person on the island.

Judgments made by the limited mind are a trap. It is always unreal. Expand our view. Do not attempt to limit the Supreme Truth – the infinite and formless can never be limited. There is no end to its forms. There is no boundary to it. Find harmony in nature. Lead a life devoid of judgments.